FAQ: Baby’s Nightmare Circus How To Get The Broken Ending?

Who is BIDY?

Description. Bidy is a stocky plastic humanoid figure. He wears a pink and blue striped shirt with a matching hat, a bright blue bow tie and black pants. His right hand is permanent pointing to the sky in a fist bump-esque pose.

Is there a nightmare circus baby?

Nightmare Baby is the titular antagonist of Baby’s Nightmare Circus. Like the other animatronics, she is simply a nightmarish, corrupted form of Circus Baby.

Who is nightmare Ballora?

Nightmare Ballora is an antagonist in Baby’s Nightmare Circus. She is the nightmare form of Ballora from Sister Location.

Where is the red line in baby’s nightmare circus?

To get this ending, you must die until you get the item What Is That? Then go into the back part of the circus (The one with Ballora’s tent) and press the Keys B, I, D and Y then press a red line in the sky next to the Wind Up Station tent.

Who created Baby’s nightmare circus?

WELCOME TO THE CIRCUS This is the fangame’s Baby’s Nightmare Circus unofficial Wiki created by Peeblo, explore and learn what this awesome and startling game based on the popular franchise created by Scott Cawthon, have a good day!

What does nightmare Bonnie look like?

Nightmare Bonnie is a bluish-purple and broken-down animatronic rabbit. Many of his features are exaggerated beyond reality, such as his sharp teeth, big jaw, and claws. Parts of him have a lighter purple shade such as his muzzle, chin, inner ears, and belly.

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Does Ballora have a Jumpscare?

Ballora is one of the only animatronics in the game with a different jumpscare in the Custom Night. The other being Funtime Foxy. BidyBab has been thought to have a different jumpscare, but it’s only the lighting that is different.

How old is Ballora?

– BALLORA age: 20 zodiac: taurus height/weight: 5’9”/102 lbs gender: female blood type: AB laterality: right-handed romantic/sexual orientation: biromantic/bisexual yaoi type: uke hobby(ies): dancing, midnight prowling personality: she’s a very quiet

How does Freddy kill you FNAF?

If Freddy is in the room next to your right door when it’s closed and you hear demonic laughter, you are free to open the door. However, if Freddy is next to the right door when it’s open and you hear demonic laughter, Freddy is now in your office and will soon kill you.

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