FAQ: How Many Toads Do You Need For Lemmy’s Circus Too Open?

How do you beat a shy guy on the trampoline?

Trampoline Shy Guys – This stack of Shy Guys bounce on a small trampoline, causing all your Jump attacks to miss. You need to use a hammer attack on the trampoline to get them to trip, then you can attack how you like. Keep in mind that hitting the trampoline again will cause them to get right back up.

How do you beat Lemmy in Paper Mario?

Instead, it requires that Mario distracts him with the Disco Ball Thing Card, and then using an Ice Pick Thing Card to pop his ball, making Lemmy the only boss in the game that requires two Thing cards. If just the Ice Pick is used, Lemmy avoids the attack.

How do you get the disco ball in Paper Mario color splash?

Disco Ball – Found behind the performance at The Emerald Circus. Fan- Found on the right side of Cherry Lake. Fire Extinguisher- Found on the cliff in Ruddy Road.

Where are all the red rescue toads?

Red Toad Rescue Squad The Toads are scattered across several different levels, but are mostly found in Sunset Express and Redpepper Crater.

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How do you get the bottle opener in Paper Mario?

The Bottle Opener is a Thing in Paper Mario: Color Splash. It is found within the artillery area in the Golden Coliseum, alongside the Ice Pick.

How do you get the magnifying glass in color splash?

The Magnifying Glass is a Thing in Paper Mario: Color Splash. It is found frozen in a block of ice in the freezer at Tangerino Grill, and can only be collected once Mario uses the Hair Dryer to thaw out the ice.

Where are the purple toads?

Purple Toads are found by running Toad Rally in Ghost House stages.

Where is Daffodil peak Paper Mario?

Daffodil Peak is a level from Paper Mario: Color Splash. The area is unlocked by getting the Yellow Mini Paint Star found in the level Bloo Bay Beach or the Indigo Underground.

How do you beat Kiwano Temple?

Inside the temple are four unpainted flames on small pedelstals. Watch out for Spike, the enemy, and paint the flames to reveal a large POW block. Smack it to flatten the spiked floor ahead. When you do a lot of Spinys will drop from the ceiling but so will a Super Star.

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