FAQ: Who Directed The Circus 1928?

When did Charlie Chaplin make the circus?

The Circus, American silent film, released in 1928, that was one of Charlie Chaplin ‘s most acclaimed movies, earning him a special Academy Award for directing, producing, and writing the production. Charlie Chaplin and Merna Kennedy in The Circus (1928), written, directed, and produced by Chaplin.

Did Chaplin do his own stunts in the circus?

But still, what remarkable agility, a reminder of a time when Chaplin and other great stars (Fairbanks, Keaton, Lloyd) did their own stunts and could be seen doing them. And the addition of the pestering monkeys is a masterstroke.

What is the most important idea of the film Circus?

One major theme that appears at the end of the film is that a communist state accepts all outcasts of the capitalistic world because of the climactic musical scene.

Where was Charlie Chaplin The Circus filmed?

Glendale police officer Ralph Murdy gives a ride to Charlie Chaplin during filming of the finale of “The Circus ” at the Seventh-day Adventist encampment, near what is now the intersection of Glenoaks Boulevard and Verdugo Road, in 1927.

Who does Merna marry in the circus?

Merna runs away to join him. The Tramp finds and brings Rex back with him to marry Merna. The trio goes back to the circus. The ringmaster starts berating his stepdaughter, but stops when Rex informs him that she is his wife.

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Who starred in the circus?

Cast (in credits order) verified as complete

Al Ernest Garcia The Circus Proprietor and Ring Master (as Allan Garcia)
Merna Kennedy His Step-Daughter Merna – A Circus Rider
Harry Crocker Rex – A Tight Rope Walker
George Davis A Magician
Henry Bergman An Old Clown


Who is the Tramp?

The Tramp
Charlie Chaplin as The Tramp
First appearance Kid Auto Races at Venice (1914)
Last appearance Modern Times (1936)
Created by Charlie Chaplin

What studio did Charlie Chaplin start?

Chaplin arrived in Los Angeles in early December, and began working for the Keystone studio on 5 January 1914.

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