Often asked: How To Adjust Manitou Circus Fork?

Who makes Manitou forks?

As said, marzocchi is now owned by fox (as of last year?), manitou is owned by hayes (brakes, for a long time now). Thing is, rockshox being part of sram and fox being, well fox, they have the budget to go all in in the oem market, where as the two m’s just haven’t been able to.

Are Manitou forks any good?

Registered. They make some of the best forks on the market. They’re not just good, they’re excellent and better than anything you’ll find in that price range, or double that price range.

Where are Manitou forks made?

Manitou has been making most of their forks and shocks in Taiwan for the last few years. However, since the Hayes buyout, they’ve shut down Taiwan production on forks.

Are Marzocchi forks any good?

It was more travel than anyone thought they needed at the time, but Marzocchi quickly became a favorite. The fork was reliable, tough, easy to maintain, and changed the expectations of a mountain bike fork. Marzocchi couldn’t hold momentum for long, though.

How do you adjust Marzocchi forks?

On forks that have external adjusters, try turning the adjuster all the way counter-clockwise to the fastest rebound setting and then quickly compress and release the suspension several times. Next test the fork with the adjuster turned all the way clockwise and then somewhere in between.

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How do you adjust the front of a fork on a dirt bike?

How To— Dirt Bike Suspension Setup And Tuning

  1. When setting up your dirt bike suspension, inflate your tires to the correct psi.
  2. One way to adjust your dirt bike suspension is to raise or lower your fork in the triple clamp.
  3. To give you a consistent front end feel, you should bleed the air out of your fork before you ride.

Can you convert a coil fork to air?

Thankfully, we have some great options for these customers, like the coil conversion kits from Vorsprung and PUSH industries for Fox 36 and RockShox Pike forks. These forks can be changed from coil to air very easily, without any problems.

How much air should I put in my rear shock?

most people say 20-30% of the shock travel, I like ~20%. This will ensure you are getting the most out of the shock.

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