Often asked: How To Get To Pinwheel Circus In Fnaf World?

How do you get to pinwheel Funhouse in FNaF world?

The Pinwheel Funhouse is an area in FNaF World. It connects to Pinwheel Circus, by going into the green tent (purple in earlier versions) after the Browboy fight.

How do I get to the brow boy in FNaF world?

After speaking to Browboy about the loss of his child, Brow Boy can be found lost in the Dusting Fields mine. Upon talking to him, he will join your party to escape.

Where is the clock in pinwheel Funhouse?

Once you’ve reached Pinwheel Circus, enter Pinwheel Funhouse, the final dungeon of the game, and pop through the first few tents to find the clock. It’s in a grassy area with three tents.

Where is the glitch gravestone in FNaF world?

BlackTomb Yard is a location in FNaF World. Blacktomb Yard is an area of FNaF World and the final location in the demo version of the game. This is Jump World #5. Blacktomb Yard contains a glitched gravestone which the player can walk through to go into the glitch world to help them find the Red Chip.

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Where is the purple tent in FNaF world?

The Pinwheel Funhouse is a location in FNaF World where if the player goes through a purple tent.

How do I get to deep-metal mine?

Deep – Metal Mine can be accessed by going to Blacktomb Yard and glitching through a tree. It will lead to a cave entrance. Go through this entrance and you will be in Deep – Metal Mine.

How do you unlock purple guy in FNaF world?

Purpleguy, also known as Purple Guy, is an unlockable character added to the 1.20 update for FNaF World. He is unlocked by beating FNaF 57: Freddy in Space after finding all of the weapon upgrades (represented as cupcakes).

How do you get to Porkpatch?

Once you’re in the glitch world, look for another glitch inside the glitch world. Go in THAT glitch, which should bring you 2 glitches down. Once your 2 glitches down, go a third glitch down, and eventually you’ll find an exit. That should teleport you directly to Porkpatch.

Where is the glitch in Blacktomb yard?

– Blacktomb Yard is populated by gravestones, and one will trigger a glitch. The tombstone you’re looking for is the third down in the western-most column of graves, with a tree on its left. Press up against it and you can walk across the landscape.

How do you get to the glitch world in FNaF world?

To enter the area, the player must find a special item in the overworld that acts as the entrance to the glitched area. Then, for each entrance, the player must continuously walk into a specific object for 2-3 seconds until they ” glitch ” into the scenery.

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Where is deep-metal mine FNaF world?

Deep – Metal Mine is an area and one of the caves in FNaF World. It can be accessed by an entrance in the south of Blacktomb Yard.

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