Often asked: In Fnaf World What Sub Tunnel Do You Go Through To Get To The Pinwheel Circus?

How do you get into pinwheel circus FNaF world?

Jump Number Pinwheel Circus is a location in FNaF World. It’s connected to Lilygear Lake, but can only be fully explored after going through the sub-tunnels, starting from Deep-Metal Mine.

How do you get to the third sub tunnel in FNaF world?

The 3rd Sub – Tunnel is reached when the player enters a Glitched object in the 2nd Sub – Tunnel. In this Sub – Tunnel, the screen will be rounded near the top and bottom, similar to if the player was in a cylinder.

How do you get the clock in pinwheel circus?

Once you’ve reached Pinwheel Circus, enter Pinwheel Funhouse, the final dungeon of the game, and pop through the first few tents to find the clock. It’s in a grassy area with three tents. Once again, it’s a simple pushing-into-the-box game.

How do you get the red chest in pinwheel circus?

To get at the chest you need to proceed through the game until you reach Blacktomb Yard. Once there, press up against the third grave from the bottom in the far west of the graveyard. The tombstone you’re looking for is snugged up beside a tree. Once you’re all glitchy, walk west past Pinwheel Circus to find the Mine.

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Where is the green tent in FNaF world?

The Pinwheel Funhouse is an area in FNaF World. It connects to Pinwheel Circus, by going into the green tent (purple in earlier versions) after the Browboy fight.

How do I get to deep-metal mine?

Deep – Metal Mine can be accessed by going to Blacktomb Yard and glitching through a tree. It will lead to a cave entrance. Go through this entrance and you will be in Deep – Metal Mine.

How do you get to the green tent in FNaF world?

Before you hit the next boss – he’s hard to miss – you’ll see a green tent, among others, that you can approach from the bottom. If you press against the tent’s opening for a few seconds you’ll find a hidden path to Deep-Metal Mine.

How many endings does FNaF world have?

Main Walkthrough Endings! An RPG wouldn’t be an RPG without several different endings, and since FNaF World is indeed an RPG, it does, indeed, have an array of endings. There are six legitimate endings to FNaF World as of this writing, and seven if you count one that is… questionable.

How do you beat Chica’s magic rainbow?

The player must avoid sunflowers that shoot their petals in eight directions, wooden spikes that pop out of the ground (and in one case, the sky), and logs that get hurled at Chica, while the rainbow itself shoots lasers and its eyeballs in an attempt to kill the player.

Where is Mr chipper in FNaF world simulator?

He is located in the Mysterious Mine, somewhere on the top right. When the player talks to him, he says that the player will not have to fear and hide from Freddy anymore, and that he will have to fear and hide from him( Chipper’s Revenge), as it’s stated in it’s words.

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How do you enter the glitch world in FNaF world?

To enter the area, the player must find a special item in the overworld that acts as the entrance to the glitched area. Then, for each entrance, the player must continuously walk into a specific object for 2-3 seconds until they ” glitch ” into the scenery.

Where is the yellow bird in FNaF world?

In Choppy’s Woods, the access point there is a white bird (a yellow bird in the 8-bit version) on a stump, close to the jump point there. Finally, the Blacktomb Yard’s access point is the gravestone that is directly above the “bottom left most” gravestone.

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