Often asked: What Is Tissu, Circus?

What is it called when you hang from fabric?

Aerial silks (also known as aerial contortion, aerial ribbons, aerial tissues, fabric, ribbon, or tissu, depending on personal preference) is a type of performance in which one or more artists perform aerial acrobatics while hanging from a fabric.

Are aerial silks dangerous?

Aerial arts is a potentially dangerous activity involving acrobatic work at various heights. The most common injuries are overuse injuries of shoulders and back, pulled muscles, bruises, fabric-burns, and dizziness/nausea (from upside-down or spinning).

What is an aerialist?

An aerialist is usually defined as a performer who executes sequences of movement off the ground. Aerial can be performed on an array of different apparatuses and also at a degree of different heights.

Are silks sport?

Yes! This is to refer to a modern day sport called aerial silk. There are various names of this sport like you might have heard aerial contortion, aerial ribbons, aerial silks, aerial tissues, fabric, ribbon or tissue.

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How much does it cost to get aerial silks installed?

Be prepared to invest a substantial amount of money into your home aerial set up. An average, engineer tested and approved aerial rig costs about $2,000. If you have to retro-fit your house to accommodate an aerial point, that will cost at least a few thousand as well.

How much do silks cost?

Just like cashmere, there are many different types of silk, the price can vary from $8 to $80 /yard. The price differences depend on silk farms and how they manage their silk supplies.

Are aerial silks healthy?

Silks exercises help improve your core, arms, legs and grip. Aerial silks classes provide a great workout that will strengthen muscles that might be difficult to focus on in traditional workouts. It is recommended that poses be held for about thirty seconds to increase muscle gain.

What age should you start aerial silks?

Skills learned in one apparatus will translate to another if you decide to change over later. All beginner aerial students ages 8-12 should register for Youth Aerial Sling. Students will be placed from there when they are ready to advance.

Is there a weight limit for aerial silks?

The silks themselves have a breaking strength of around 3,000 pounds. So no, there is no ” weight limit ” on our classes. Being heavier may make certain elements of the experience different, but our instructors are trained in how to accomodate bigger bodied students in a supportive, body-positive environment.

How much do aerial dancers make?

According to SalaryExpert.com, at the time of publication, an American aerial performer can expect to make between $21,374 and $71,566, depending on the city. A hiring agency for cruise ship entertainers may pay up to $4,000 a month for a performer, which equals $48,000 per year.

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How do you become a professional aerialist?

How To Become An Aerialist?

  1. Step 1: Research The Job Profile.
  2. Step 2: Train Your Body and Mind.
  3. Step 3: Acquire Spatial Orientation Skills.
  4. Step 4: An Early Start In Performing Arts is Helpful For Aerialists.
  5. Step 5: Train with traveling Aerial Troupe or Join small Circus Shows.

What does trapeze mean?

: a gymnastic or acrobatic apparatus consisting of a short horizontal bar suspended by two parallel ropes.

Are aerial silks made of silk?

Contrary to their name, aerial silks are not actually made of silk. There are two broad categories of aerial silks: stretch and non-stretch, with some variation in between. All aerial fabrics should have at least a 2-way horizontal stretch. They are made of polyester-lycra or nylon tricot.

How high do aerial silks need to be?

An experienced aerialist, especially in NYC where space is a premium, can work with just about any height (if you really need a minimum number – it’s about 12′ for vertical apparatuses such as silks and the rest can get by with a 9 or 10 ft. minimum).

Can you hang aerial silks from a tree?

The short answer to “ can I rig my aerial circus equipment from a tree?” is “no”. Firetoys strongly recommends you do not rig from trees on safety grounds.

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