Question: How To Beat Circus For Newbies?

How do you kill circus baby?

Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria Simulator Baby is salvaged by Michael Afton on Wednesday, after which she hunts him in the vents to kill him.

How do you beat the circus baby in Help Wanted?

Clear your mind of any distraction and noise around the room. Because circus baby will try to do that so she can jump scare you or her plushie will do it. Focus on the bong noise and her eyes, the sound of the plushie and there trembles and also where she spawn. And finally counting to seven when you close the door.

Is there a nightmare Ennard?

Nightmare Ennard is the true secondary antagonist of Baby’s Nightmare Circus. It is an extremely tattered, nightmarish designed version of the original Ennard from Sister Location. Its only appearance is on “Ennight”.

Is there a nightmare Ballora?

Nightmare Ballora is an antagonist in Baby’s Nightmare Circus. She is the nightmare form of Ballora from Sister Location.

Who killed Circus baby?

During Night 3, if the player chooses to go to Circus Control, then Under The Desk, as instructed not to by HandUnit, and hides under the desk, Circus Baby will tell the player about her time on stage, and the incident involving her unintentionally killing William Afton’s daughter, due to her programming.

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Why did circus baby kill the little girl?

Circus Baby and the Funtime animatronics were created by Afton Robotics LLC (William Afton aka purple guy). Afton created these animatronics to murder /encapsulate children and other people under the disguise of being kid-friendly entertainers. So this means she was programmed to kill her.

How did Michael Afton die?

Eventually, his body has a spasm, and he regurgitates the robotic parts belonging to Ennard into the sewer. He lies on the ground, presumably dead. The player then hears Baby’s voice repeating “you won’t die “, and Michael gets back up while all of the Ennard’s eyes show up in the sewer.

Is Circus Baby good or evil?

Circus Baby (or just Baby for short, formerly known as Elizabeth Afton) is one of the main characters of the 2016 indie horror game Five Nights at Freddy’s: Sister Location, and secondary antagonist in its 2017 sequel of tFreddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria Simulator as Scrap Baby and the main antagonist of the unreleased horror

Who is the scariest animatronic in FNAF?

Top 10 Scariest Animatronics in “Five Nights at Freddy’s ”

  • Golden Freddy.
  • Nightmare Mangle.
  • Ballora.
  • Nightmare Freddy.
  • Bidybaps.
  • Springtrap.
  • Nightmare.

Is Ennard a boy or girl?


Name Ennard
Gender Male Or Female
Starting Point Cam 01,Cam 02 or Cam 03 Its Pretty random if you think about it
Voice Provider Heather master
Alias Circus Baby,Ballora,Happy entrails to you,The Clowninator,Molten Freddy

Is Ennard molten Freddy?

Molten Freddy is the remains of Ennard, with the consciousness of Funtime Freddy in control, along with Ballora and Funtime Foxy. He first appeared in Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria Simulator as one of the four main antagonists.

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What does Ennard mean?

According to 2 people from the United States and Canada, the name Ennard is of Latin origin and means “Many minds”.

Is Ballora a ballerina?

Ballora is a humanoid ballerina animatronic with a curved, hourglass figure, and pale skin. She also has pink, shiny blushed cheeks like the Toy Animatronics.

Does Ballora have a Jumpscare?

Ballora ‘s Jumpscare from Ballora Gallery. Minireena’s Jumpscare from Night 4. Ennard jumpscaring from Funtime Auditorium. Ennard’s 2nd Jumpscare from the Private Room.

How old is Ballora?

– BALLORA age: 20 zodiac: taurus height/weight: 5’9”/102 lbs gender: female blood type: AB laterality: right-handed romantic/sexual orientation: biromantic/bisexual yaoi type: uke hobby(ies): dancing, midnight prowling personality: she’s a very quiet

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