Question: How To Make A Circus Tent Cake Topper?

What can I make with edible cake toppers?

Edible cupcake toppers can be made from fondant, royal icing and even chocolate.

What material is used for cake toppers?

The glitter cardstock offers a good base for a free standing topper, but adding poster board backing ensures a firmer and longer lasting design!

How do you secure a cake topper?

Here are some other alternatives:

  1. fix the topper to a wider base, so that you can just set that on the cake.
  2. Insert dowels (or stiff straws, or similar) into the cake to support the topper, all the way to the base of the cake, and then trim them flush with the cake.

How do you harden fondant?

To harden fondant using a blow dryer, set the pieces on a sheet pan lined with parchment paper. Set the dryer to its lowest setting and hold it 1 to 1 1/2 feet away from the fondant. Dry the pieces for 5 to 10 minutes, depending on their size, moving the dryer as needed to dry them thoroughly.

What kind of cardstock do you use for cake toppers?

When creating a cake topper, it’s important to use the thickest and sturdiest card stock available. I always use Michael’s “Recollections” brand glitter card stock for all of my cake toppers. Hobby lobby has a similar brand called “Paper Studio”, but the weight is slightly lighter.

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Can you make cake toppers with Cricut?

The stencil is cut with a Cricut machine using cardstock and applied with a thin layer of icing. Ivy made this fun birthday cake topper with cardstock and foam layers using her Cricut machine so that she could fill the topper with confetti and create a “shaker.”

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