Question: Where Is Finsbury Circus Location North, East, South Or West London?

Where in London is Finsbury?

Finsbury is a district of central London, England. It lies immediately north of the City of London and Clerkenwell, west of Shoreditch, and south of Islington and City Road. It is in the south of the London Borough of Islington. The Finsbury Estate is in the western part of the district.

What area is Finsbury?

Finsbury is a district of Central London, forming the south-eastern part of the London Borough of Islington. It borders the City of London.

Which borough is Finsbury Square in?

Finsbury Park (area)

Finsbury Park
London borough Hackney Haringey Islington
Ceremonial county Greater London
Region London
Country England


Why is it called Finsbury Park?

The recreation ground and pleasure gardens called Finsbury Park were created from a surviving corner of Hornsey Wood in the 1860s for the welfare of the residents of the parliamentary constituency of Finsbury, an overcrowded inner city area that had no sizeable green spaces of its own.

Is Finsbury Park dangerous?

Finsbury Park – 1,522 In first place for the Islington area where most crime is committed is Finsbury Park with 1,522 incidents. The most committed crime was theft with 466 reported incidents followed by violence against a person with 379 cases.

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Who runs Finsbury Park?

Finsbury Park
Opened 1869
Designer Frederick Manable
Operated by London Borough of Haringey
Open 24 hours


Is Finsbury Park a good area to live?

Named after its renowned park, Finsbury Park offers a strong sense of community spirit in North London. Living in Finsbury Park, you can expect a calmer social scene than neighbouring areas such as Stoke Newington and Archway. Nevertheless, the district is home to a growing café culture and has a number of cosy pubs.

How far is Finsbury Park?


Park Miles KM
Finsbury Park 1.4 2.3
Highgate Wood 1.25 2.0
Alexandra Park 3.0 4.8
Broomfield Park 1.2 1.9


Is Finsbury Park in north west?

LOCATION, AREA, BOUNDARIES, LANDFORM, SETTING Finsbury Park is in the London Borough of Haringey and is bounded by the Northern Railway to the west, Seven Sisters Road (A503) to the south-east, Green Lanes (A105) to the north -east and Endymion Road (B150) to the north.

What council is Finsbury Park?

Finsbury Park | Islington Council.

How many acres is Finsbury Park?

Finsbury Park is a 46 hectare (115 acre) public park in the London Borough of Haringey. Officially part of the London area of Harringay, it is also adjacent to Stroud Green, the Finsbury Park district and Manor House.

Where should I live in London?

Below we have reviewed 13 of the most highly-ranked areas in London for families.

  • Isle of Dogs. It’s not actually an island, but this area in East London is situated in a large meander on the River Thames.
  • Belgravia.
  • Blackheath.
  • East Finchley.
  • Notting Hill.
  • Fulham.
  • Richmond.
  • Kensington.
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How do I get to Finsbury Park?

The nearest stations to Finsbury Park are: Finsbury Park Interchange (H) is 75 meters away, 2 min walk. Finsbury Park Interchange (AP) is 81 meters away, 2 min walk. Finsbury Park Station (R) is 135 meters away, 3 min walk.

What zone is Finsbury Park?

The complex is located in Travelcard Zone 2.

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