Question: Where Is The Circus Harvest Moon Animal Parade?

How do you get the Blue Bell in Harvest Moon Animal Parade?

The aqueduct gate is on the level between Wizard’s house and Choral Clinic. Use the key on the gate to open it. Inside the Watery Cave you’ll find the Blue Bell on its pedestal! Ask Ben to ring his bell, but no matter how much he pleads, the bell will not ring.

How do you make good herb fish in animal parade?


  1. Try fishing in the pond by your house in the late afternoon/evening for catfish. Three, or four, catfish plus any herb will make Good Herb Fish.
  2. I used 2 catfish and a blue herb. User Info: stillrighthere.
  3. If you can get to toucan island, try catching a fish there.
  4. Three catfish and an herb makes a good herb fish.

How do you get the red bell in animal parade?

Go to the Carpenter’s to trigger an event where Bo, Owen and Chloe are playing Kick the Can. You’ll discover that the can is actually the Red Bell!!! Chloe kicks it with all her strength and the Bell gets stuck in chimney.

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How do you get gold ore in Harvest Moon Animal Parade?


  1. Gold ore happens to be quite an uncommon find but there is no specific floor of the mines it always spawns in.
  2. Its alot easier to find in the watery cave then in the garmon mine about the 7th 8th floor is where i found a bunch one right after the other.

How do you make good herb fish?


  1. Any herb will work and in order to get the herb fish to be ” good ” you need to combine 4 fish with the herb, try to pick fish that are worth a little more then more common ones.
  2. Good Herb Fish needs to be cooked.
  3. All you have to do is get a fish with high price.

How do you find Chloe in Harvest Moon Animal Parade?

Chloe is usually always outside, often found in the Garmon Mines District, outside of the Blacksmith’s, or in the Garmon Mines.

How do you get hibiscus seeds in animal parade?

To get the flower, you need to ring the blue bell, go to toucan island, go inside the inn, then go outside and talk to Selena, watch her dance, take the boat home, go in the bar, get the letter, go back to Toucan island and deliver it, and you’ll get a hibiscus. And they will also sell the seeds after that point.

How do you fix the Minecart in Harvest Moon Animal Parade?

Bring Bo something to eat for the next 3 to 4 days. Give him the food when he is by the mine cart after 8:00 am and you’ll help him find the energy he needs to fix the cart. After his appetite has been subdued, Bo will have the cart fixed.

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