Quick Answer: Emerald Circus How Do You Avoid Hitting The Animal Trainer?

How do you kill a shy guy on a trampoline?

Due to them jumping on a trampoline, all Jump attacks will miss. Mario must use his hammer on the trampoline so the Trampoline Shy Guys fall down, which allows them to be jumped on. If the trampoline is attacked again while they are down, they will get back up.

How do you defeat Lemmy?

Jump over the bombs that Lemmy throws, or stomp them to set them off. Don’t worry too much about the bombs, though—you’re real task is to trounce Lemmy by stomping him three times. Perform wall jumps to gain extra height and leap past Lemmy and his bombs with ease.

How do you get the disco ball in Paper Mario color splash?

Disco Ball – Found behind the performance at The Emerald Circus. Fan- Found on the right side of Cherry Lake. Fire Extinguisher- Found on the cliff in Ruddy Road.

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Where are all the red rescue toads?

Red Toad Rescue Squad The Toads are scattered across several different levels, but are mostly found in Sunset Express and Redpepper Crater.

How do I beat Lemmy Koopa?

BOSS: Lemmy Koopa edit

  1. Lemmy Koopa will pop up from one of the various pipes, along with two easily distinguished fakes. You will need to stomp on the correct one three times to defeat him.
  2. This fight is surprisingly easy. Lemmy Koopa won’t attack and the only real danger is the fireball patrolling the boss room.

How do you beat the Acorn Plains boss?

Boss Fight Boom Boom fighting Mario in Acorn Plains. When Mario arrives, he will throw a tantrum. Then, he will start running like a maniac at Mario. If he is hit with fireballs six times or jumped on, he will get knocked out.

How do you get the magnifying glass in Paper Mario?

The Magnifying Glass is a Thing in Paper Mario: Color Splash. It is found frozen in a block of ice in the freezer at Tangerino Grill, and can only be collected once Mario uses the Hair Dryer to thaw out the ice. While the Magnifying Glass is a 3D object, the lens does function and magnifies whatever is behind it.

Where do you get the salt and pepper in Paper Mario color splash?

The Salt and Pepper are a Thing in Paper Mario: Color Splash. They are found within the parallel world of Fortune Island in a room that was originally full of smoke.

How do you get the bottle opener in Paper Mario?

The Bottle Opener is a Thing in Paper Mario: Color Splash. It is found within the artillery area in the Golden Coliseum, alongside the Ice Pick.

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Where are the purple toads?

Purple Toads are found by running Toad Rally in Ghost House stages.

Where is Daffodil peak Paper Mario?

Daffodil Peak is a level from Paper Mario: Color Splash. The area is unlocked by getting the Yellow Mini Paint Star found in the level Bloo Bay Beach or the Indigo Underground.

Where are the purple rescue squad members?

He is the captain of the purple Rescue Squad, consisting of four members including himself. He is found in Ruddy Road, with his fellow members found in Sunglow Ridge, Daffodil Peak, and Bloo Bay Beach, respectively.

Rescue Purple
Species Toad
First appearance Paper Mario: Color Splash (2016)

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