Quick Answer: Where To Find Valaste For Circus Eso?

Where can I find Valaste eso?

Valaste is an Altmer Mages Guild member residing in Vulkhel Guard, Daggerfall, Davon’s Watch, or Mournhold, among other cities. She is the main quest giver and the Mistress of Incunabula for the Mages Guild.

Who do I evict in Chateau of the ravenous rodent?

Visit the Chateau Guesthouse and evict the guest who doesn’t belong. Tour the Darkened Maze and improve the ambiance. Meet the family in the Ancestral Manse and play with the family heirlooms.

How do I start simply misplaced eso?


  1. Speak with Valaste in the Mages Guild in Elden Root (Grahtwood), Wayrest (Stormhaven), or Mournhold (Deshaan).
  2. Enter the Shivering Isles and speak with Haskill.
  3. Recover the fork from Vuldngrav.
  4. Recover the staff from Asakala.
  5. Talk to Sheogorath.
  6. Collect the book and return to the Guild.

How do you complete the Mages Guild in eso?

To rank up in the Mage’s guild, you must collect Lorebooks. Improving your rank will grant you new titles, and will unlock further skills. Each Lorebook found gives 5 Reputation, and completing a collection of lorebooks gives 20 reputation.

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Where does the circus of cheerful slaughter start?


  • Speak with Valaste in the Mages Guild in Marbruk (Greenshade), Shornhelm (Rivenspire), or Stormhold (Shadowfen).
  • Read Circus of Cheerful Slaughter.
  • Talk to Sheogorath.
  • Meet Sheogorath in Heartholdhelm.
  • Meet Sheogorath in Skyroot Hearth.
  • Meet Sheogorath in Daggerwaymore.
  • Talk to Sheogorath.

Where are the Mages Guild quests eso?

These quests are offered by Alvur Baren located within the Mages Guild buildings of Elden Root, Mournhold and Wayrest.

How do I get chateau of the ravenous rodent?


  1. Talk to Valaste at the Mages Guild in Baandari Trading Post (Malabal Tor), Sentinel (Alik’r), or Windhelm (Eastmarch).
  2. Enter the Shivering Isles.
  3. Talk to Shalidor and Sheogorath.
  4. Visit the Chateau Guesthouse and evict the guest who doesn’t belong.
  5. Tour the Darkened Maze and improve the ambiance.

How do I start the Mad God’s bargain?

To Eyevea[edit] This quest will begin once you’ve reached Mages Guild Rank 5 after completing Chateau of the Ravenous Rodent. Passing any Guildhall will cause a projection of Arch-Mage Shalidor to appear before you and direct you to the guildhall in Rawl’kha (Reaper’s March), Evermore (Bangkorai) or Riften (the Rift).

How do you test the Wabbajack in eso?

Testing the Wabbajack in the Isles Make sure at least one inventory slot is open and ask Sheogorath for the Wabbajack back. Then try out the Wabbajack on the Temple Acolytes in the area. It should be noted that this must be done to acolytes within the given range.

How do I start the dangerous past eso?

The Dangerous Past is a quest in Elder Scrolls Online. Walkthrough

  1. Speak with Guildmaster Sees-All-Colors at the Fighters Guild in Elden Root (Grahtwood), Wayrest (Stormhaven), or.
  2. Mournhold (Deshaan).
  3. Explore the ruins of Mzeneldt.
  4. Recover the components of the ancient weapon.
  5. Return to the Guild.
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Should I join Mages Guild eso?

There is no down side to joining the Mage’s Guild, so it is recommended for all players. Once you join the Guild, you can level up your new Skill Line by finding and collecting Lorebooks which are are scattered around Tamriel.

What guild should I join in eso?

If you prefer melee combat the best choice will be the Fighters Guild. If instead, you like to play as a stealthy character the Dark Brotherhood would provide you with the best skills. And obviously, Mages Guild will be a great choice for spell casters.

How do I get Mages Guild?

In order to join the Mages Guild, seek out a local head of the Mages Guild in any of Cyrodiil’s seven guild halls. There is one in each city except for the Imperial City and Kvatch. All you need to do is ask to join the guild; as long as you have a clean criminal record you will be made part of the guild.

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