Quick Answer: Why Is There A Circus Board On My Cat Ears?

What are the slits in cats ears for?

That little slit is called “Henry’s pocket” Yes, it does have a name! There are three theories why our pets have them. One theory is that Henry’s pocket may help animals to accurately locate a sound. This is essential for a predator to give it a better chance of detecting prey, as well as predators they need to avoid.

How do you tell if your cat has ear mites or just dirty ears?


  1. Your cat may scratch at his itchy ears or start shaking his head a lot. While the mites are microscopic, they can be quite pesky.
  2. Feline ear mites on the insides of the ears will look dirty, usually with a dark brown or reddish-brown debris.
  3. Feline ear mites are highly contagious.

Why do cats have tattoos in their ears?

A tattoo is placed in your cat’s left ear once it has been desexed to help identify that your cat has been desexed. Having your cat microchipped is highly recommended for being able to permanently identify your cat in the form of a tiny chip.

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What is the black stuff in my cat’s ears?

Some cats are more bothered by ear mites than others. Mites also stimulate the wax producing glands inside the ear canal. The result is a black, crusty build-up in the ears that resembles coffee grounds. This discharge is made of blood, wax, debris, and mites themselves.

Are you supposed to clean your cat’s ears?

Do all cats need to have their ears cleaned? No. While it is important to clean your cat’s ears when needed, over- cleaning may cause irritation in the ear canal and this can lead to infection. Most cats have healthy, clean ears and never need to have their ears cleaned.

Can humans catch ear mites from cats?

Ear mites are more commonly found in animals, including family pets like your dog and cat. These mites can jump from animal to animal in close contact situations. There’s also the risk of humans getting ear mites, although this is unlikely.

How can I treat my cats ear mites at home?

One of the natural ways to kill ear mites is to prepare a simple spray solution containing 50/50 of water and apple cider vinegar. Use the spray at least twice every day for a week inside and around your cat’s ears to cover all the infected areas.

Does Ear-tipping hurt cats?

Ear – tipping does not hurt the cats. The procedure is performed while they are already under anesthesia for their spay or neuter surgery and in sterile conditions to ensure safety.

Do they tattoo male cats?

With a male cat, it’s easy to see if he’s been neutered because his “equipment” will be missing. So ear-tipping, a universal practice among vets, tells rescuers that the cat has already been spayed. Vets who ear-tip do not tattoo.

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How could you tell a cat’s age?

Typically, all of the adult teeth are in place by 6 months of age, and the growth is no longer useful in determining a cat’s age. In older cats, the amount of staining, or tartar, on a cat’s teeth is also an indicator of age.

How do I know if my cat has ear mites or an infection?

What Are the Signs of an Ear Infection in a Cat?

  1. Black or yellowish discharge.
  2. Redness or swelling of the ear flap or ear canal.
  3. Waxy buildup on or near the ear canal.
  4. Discharge from the ear that resembles coffee grounds (a symptom of ear mites )
  5. Strong odor.
  6. Hearing loss.
  7. Loss of balance or disorientation.

What color should cat ear wax be?

The inner side of the ear should be a healthy pink color. A small amount of black discharge may be observed in some cats. A large amount of black wax is often seen in cats with ear mites.

Will rubbing alcohol kill ear mites in cats?

But alcohol alone will not kill the yeast or bacteria that are growing in the ears. If your pet has ear mites, alcohol might help a little but only by killing some adult mites, but new ones will quickly hatch out.

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