Readers ask: West Of Loathing How To Start Circus Show?

How do you get into the circus show west of loathing?

You can get a ticket to the circus through them in various ways, through intimidation or fighting, etc. If you fight them, you’ll get both a ticket and access to Danny’s Tannery. Otherwise, you’ll need to get that through Barnaby Bob (below) instead.

Where is Danny’s tannery in West of loathing?

Danny’s Tannery is a location in West of Loathing, south- west of Stearns Ranch. It is revealed when you defeat the clowns at the Clown Campsite, or join forces with Barnaby Bob.

Where is the clown campsite?

The Clown Campsite is a location in West of Loathing, south-west of the Destroyed Campsite. It is revealed when you investigate the tracks at the Destroyed Campsite, choosing to go in the opposite direction.

How do you get into Barnaby bobs show?

If you wish to get the contents of Barnaby Bob ‘s safe, you need to send the army of Fort Alldead to destroy the circus. The next day you will find it with its door blown off, allowing you to claim Barnaby Bob’s burnished boots.

Is west of loathing worth it?

West of Loathing is a great value for its price and definitely entertaining for what it is. Unfortunately, the actual mechanics lack a lot of depth that keep it from being an experience for everyone.

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How long does it take to beat West of loathing?


Single-Player Polled Average
Main Story 49 7h 32m
Main + Extras 103 12h 13m
Completionists 17 17h 41m
All PlayStyles 169 11h 25m

How do you get vibrato scraps?

In the Lost Dutch Oven Mine, you can gain access to an El Vibrato Chamber in which you can find an El Vibrato device. Show this to the Perfessor to unlock a machine in his cabin which lets you convert (10) El Vibrato scraps into an El Vibrato battery.

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