Readers ask: What City In Oklahima Miller Circus Comes From?

Why is Hugo Oklahoma called Circus City?

The city was founded in 1901 and named for the French novelist Victor Hugo. In the postwar 20th century, the city served as winter quarters for some circus companies and performers. A cemetery has a section for circus personnel.

What is Hugo Oklahoma known for?

Hugo, Oklahoma As of the 2010 census, the city population was 5,310. The city was founded in 1901 and named for the French novelist Victor Hugo. The city serves as winter quarters for some circus performers. It is adjacent to one of the oldest schools west of the Mississippi: Goodland Academy, begun in 1848.

How far is Hugo Oklahoma from Oklahoma City?

The total driving distance from Hugo, OK to Oklahoma City, OK is 198 miles or 319 kilometers.

What happened to Kelly Miller Circus?

With the launch of its new season, he has confirmed that the circus is now completely animal-free! Update #1: Following declining ticket sales and public outrage over its cruel animal acts, former Kelly Miller Circus owner John Ringling North II was forced to sell the circus and retire at the end of its 2017 season.

Is the a clown cemetery?

Chicago’s Clown Graveyard – Showmen’s Rest Cemetery is the final Resting Place of Circus Performers. Showmen’s Rest is the site of a mass burial of clowns and other circus performers in Chicago after a train wreck killed 86 members of the Hagenbeck-Wallace Circus in 1918.

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Where is the circus cemetery in Oklahoma?

Circus Animals Are Buried At The Showmen’s Rest Cemetery In Oklahoma And You Can Visit Them. One of the coolest cemeteries in the country – The Showmen’s Rest – is located in the small town of Hugo, Oklahoma.

What is in Hugo OK?

The top attractions to visit in Hugo are:

  • The Endangered Ark Foundation.
  • Showman’s Rest and Bull Rider’s Reprieve.
  • Frisco Depot Museum.
  • Hugo Lake State Park.
  • The Choctaw County Genealogical Society Research Library.

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