What Episode Of Ghost Whisperer Do Melinda And Jim Go To The Circus?

Is Melinda’s Baby Jim’s or Sam’s?

In Season 5, Melinda and Jim have a son, who they name Aiden Lucas, after Jim’s father and Sam Lucas. However, it is later revealed that he is more powerful than his mother, as he can not only see the earthbound, but also the spirits who have crossed over.

Why did they kill off Jim on Ghost Whisperer?

The actor, who plays Jim Clancy, the husband of the ghost whisperer herself, Melinda (Jennifer Love Hewitt), was killed off in last week’s episode. Conrad said that because Melinda wants to be with Jim, she and Sam must fall in love, beginning with the episode called “Heart and Soul,” airing at 7 p.m. Friday.

What episode does Jim die on Ghost Whisperer?

Tragedy and then happiness for Melinda and Jim Season 4 of Ghost Whisperer finds Melinda (Jennifer Love Hewitt) dealing with tragedy after Jim is killed in a tragic accident.

Does Jim ever remember Melinda?

After his spirit refuses to go into the light, Melinda is forced to watch as he takes over the newly deceased body of Sam Lucas. Because the body does not belong to Jim, he loses all memory of his life and Melinda, later regaining his memories in late Season Four.

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Who is the father of Melinda Gordon baby?

Melinda Gordon
Family Beth Gordon (mother) Paul Eastman ( father; deceased) Tom Gordon (step- father; deceased) Mary Ann (grandmother, deceased)
Spouse Jim Clancy (m. 2005–09; widowed) Sam Lucas (m. 2009-present) (Jim’s ghost possesses the body)
Children Unnamed child (with Jim; miscarriage) Aiden Lucas (son, with Jim)

Does Eli die in Ghost Whisperer?

Eli James (Jamie Kennedy) was introduced in the first episode of season four. He was a psychology professor at Rockland University. During a building fire on the Rockland University campus on October 3, 2008, he died but was brought back, causing him to have a near death experience.

What happened to Aiden on Ghost Whisperer?

When he was born, Aiden was not breathing, but he suddenly recovered to full health. Every year Aiden would strangely get sick or something would happen to Melinda or Jim. However, Aiden was actually being haunted by the ghost of a woman who died in childbirth while Melinda was giving birth to Aiden.

Did David Conrad and Jennifer Love Hewitt get along?

We’ve had lights explode that weren’t plugged in over people’s heads.” She refers to “them” as their little friends who come to visit. David Conrad, who plays Melinda’s husband Jim on the show, agrees that “they” are friends now because things have calmed down – “they” like them more now.

What episode of Ghost Whisperer does Melinda find out she’s pregnant?

Melinda learned she was pregnant in episode 4.20 “Stage Fright” with Jim’s baby.

Does Sam ever realize he is Jim Ghost Whisperer?

He does not “cross over” because he does not want to leave Melinda, and his spirit later enters the body of a man named Sam Lucas, who died in an unrelated accident in Grandview and crossed over. When Jim / Sam regains consciousness, he has no memory of being Jim.

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